3 Ways To Add A Rustic Touch To Custom Wedding Rings

Wedding rings come in many shapes and forms. As you plan a wedding with your partner, add a personal touch with a custom-made wedding ring. While you can make a customized wedding ring look sleek and modern, you can go the opposite direction with a rustic wedding ring. A rustic design has some classic appeal and includes a lot of vintage options. Check out some of the ways to add a rustic touch to a custom-made wedding ring and how to make the ring completely your own. Read More 

How To Choose The Perfect Diamond Pendant

If you have been looking for a beautiful diamond pendant, you may have heard a lot of tips about shopping for diamonds. Necklaces and pendants can add a lot of sophistication to your outfit, and they can make you feel your best. Are you in the market for a diamond pendant? These are a few things you should consider as you shop for a new piece of jewelry. Choose a Cut that You Love Read More 

Tips To Help You Choose A New Jewelry Piece

Jewelry is always a good option to select for a gift to give someone because anyone can wear jewelry and use it to accentuate their look and their clothing. Jewelry is also a great way to commemorate something or someone, which you can do with a purchase that you carefully select and evaluate for the right choices in the piece you choose. Here are some recommendations to help you choose the right piece of jewelry for the occasion and your budget. Read More 

Being On The Same Page: Know What You Want When You Look For Custom Jewelry

Custom jewelry gives you a chance to have your gemstone-and-precious-metal dream come to life without having to go through years of training to become a jeweler and lapidarist. And it seems like most jewelers now offer a form of customization. Yet, if you go to a few jewelers, you'll find a range of customization opportunities that may or may not match what you had in mind. How Customized Is the Actual Jewelry? Read More 

Considerations When Shopping For An Engagement Ring

If you are planning to buy an engagement ring for your prospective fiancé, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the number of ring options that are available. Nevertheless, by considering a few of your preferences, you can choose a ring that you will be proud to have your future spouse display for years to come. Here are a few considerations to make when shopping for an engagement ring. Diamond Shape Read More