Necklace Pendants Inspired By Ancient Egypt

If you love learning about the history of ancient Egypt, you might enjoy buying a few pieces of art or sculptures for your home that pay tribute to this era. Another idea that you may wish to consider is shopping for a piece of jewelry that is inspired by ancient Egypt. There are many options available, but one category that is popular is pendants that hang on a necklace. You can find many diverse pendants for sale online, so there's a good chance that at least one of them will appeal to you. Here are some designs that you'll likely encounter. 

Eye Of Horus

Anyone who is passionate about the history of ancient Egypt will know the Eye of Horus; other individuals may recognize this distinctive eye design but not necessarily know it by name. The eye is highly symbolic; people often believe that it provides them with protection, which can make it a good design to have around your neck as a pendant. You'll find Eye of Horus pendants in many different sizes and materials, so it will be easy to choose a design that you love. Some of these pendants even feature a gemstone as the pupil of the eye, which helps to add sparkle.

Ankh Cross

The Ankh cross is another very popular symbol that is associated with ancient Egypt and is common to see available as a pendant to hang on your necklace. This cross looks somewhat like a standard religious cross but has a loop at the top that is roughly the shape of an inverted teardrop. This cross is a symbol of life, which makes it a popular jewelry design that many people enjoy wearing. You can expect to see Ankh cross pendants in several different sizes and with designs that can feature either thick or thin metal.


Ancient Egyptians used what is known as a hieroglyph system as their alphabet, with specific symbols representing different letters. Anyone who is interested in this historical culture will be aware of the look of at least some of the hieroglyphs. You may wish to shop for a necklace pendant that features some of these hieroglyphs. Some jewelry stores that carry these pieces can position different hieroglyphs together to create custom words. You might like a piece that features your name, for example.

Shop for these and other necklace pendants that pay tribute to ancient Egypt. Visit a local fine jewelry shop to learn more.