3 Ways To Add A Rustic Touch To Custom Wedding Rings

Wedding rings come in many shapes and forms. As you plan a wedding with your partner, add a personal touch with a custom-made wedding ring. While you can make a customized wedding ring look sleek and modern, you can go the opposite direction with a rustic wedding ring. A rustic design has some classic appeal and includes a lot of vintage options.

Check out some of the ways to add a rustic touch to a custom-made wedding ring and how to make the ring completely your own.

1. Wooden Bands

While a majority of wedding rings use precious metals, you can add a rustic touch to your ring with a band of wood built into the design. A wooden band can go around the center of the ring and adds a natural and rustic touch to the design. Choose a wood finish that matches your personal preference.

For example, a wooden band may include a darker finish like cherry wood. Choose wood with significant meaning. The wood may come from a tree found in a forest you and your partner frequently hike around. The wooden bands often have protective layers to prevent any rot or decay.

2. Hammered Bands

Instead of a smoothed-out metal on your wedding ring, choose a hammered band style. A hammered band looks like a one-of-a-kind piece that was made in a vintage metal shop. The hammered design includes small indents that extend around the whole circumference of the ring.

For a nice visual, you could break up the hammered design with a band through the center of the ring. The band can include a different metal than the hammered design to create a nice contrast.

3. Ornately Engraved Bands

Choose a rustic theme that represents classic designs from past kingdoms and royalty. An ornately engraved band includes intricate patterns much like a king or queen's crown. The designs may include rustic waves or curls that expand around the whole ring. The edges of the ring could be a simple pattern like diamond shapes or circles.

The ornately designed wedding bands often look best on a gold finish, but you could choose any form of metal you want within the design.

The rustic design has a timeless appeal, can draw you back into the past, and creates a unique look that can stand out on your wedding day. Shop around to find custom options and create your ring based on one of these ideas.

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