Celebrate Easter With These Earring Designs

If you're the type of person who enjoys having family and friends over for Easter, you might take pride in decorating your home and even wearing Easter-themed clothing. If you want to take things a step further, give some thought to Easter earrings. You'll find these festive products for sale at local and online jewelry stores in the weeks that lead up to Easter each year, and a pair of colorful earrings can be something that will make your guests smile. If you have young grandchildren who visit your home, you can expect that they'll be particularly enamored with your Easter earrings. Here are three earring designs to consider. 

Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are one of the most popular images that relate to this annual occasion, so you can expect to see lots of Easter egg-themed earrings for sale at jewelry stores. Many of these earrings are of the drop variety, allowing the egg shapes to hang below your ears and bounce around while you walk. Easter egg earrings vary in size, but tend to be colorful—featuring pastel shades of yellow, blue, green, and more. You'll also see egg designs with different patterns such as stripes and dots, so you can decide what look is most appealing to you.

Easter Bunnies

You may also want to consider buying a pair of earrings that depict Easter bunnies. Like egg earrings, you'll readily find bunny designs available prior to Easter. These earrings can vary considerably. Some feature just the head of a bunny, while others feature its entire body. In most cases, the bunny has a fun, cartoon-like appearance. You may see some earrings that depict the bunny in a hopping motion, with others that feature the bunny holding a carrot.


Another option is to look for earrings that feature cheerful Easter messages. You'll see a few different designs that have wording such as, "Happy Easter." Typically, these words are presented in a fun font and feature pastel colors. While you'll see earrings that feature this slogan in their design, there are other products that break up the wording. For example, one earring will say, "Happy," and the other will say, "Easter." When you wear both earrings, people will read the message as they look at you. To shop for these and other Easter earring designs, as well as look for any other Easter-themed jewelry that you might want to wear, visit a jewelry store.