3 Types Of Anniversary Bands To Consider

Celebrating a big wedding anniversary can feel like a huge milestone, but it absolutely is. One way to really celebrate is to ask your spouse for some sort of anniversary band. Whether you pair the band with your actual wedding ring or if you wear it on another finger, having an anniversary band is a fun way to remind yourself every day of the commitment that you've made to your marriage and how far you have come. Depending on your taste and style, one type of ring may be more up to speed than another. 

Black Hills Gold Ring

If you want to get something that is made in the US and that looks a little bit more unique, then you may want to go with a Black Hills gold ring. This type of gold comes from the Mount Rushmore area in South Dakota and is typically created with leaf designs on it. These designs have both pink and green leaves on them that are made with an alloy to help transform the color of the gold so that it's actually a type of solid gold. 

Lab-Grown Diamond Ring

If you would rather have something that has sparkle and diamonds, then you may want to go with a diamond band, but because diamonds can be really expensive then you may want to consider a lab-grown diamond ring. The unique thing about lab-grown diamonds is that they are actually diamonds but they are actually grown rather than mined. The result? A beautiful diamond band without a hefty price tag. 

Solid Gold Band

Simple is sometimes best for some people which means that you may just want to go with a solid gold band instead. While you can get a plain gold band that's smooth all the way around, you could also get one that looks braided like a rope or that has some sort of design on it. When you are looking for a gold band, however, make sure that it is a solid 24K gold one because it won't change color or tinge. Just remember that gold is a soft metal which means that it may scratch or bend a little bit easier than you might otherwise think. 

Finding an anniversary ring that matches your personal style is a fun way to constantly remind yourself of your marriage and your love. If you want to learn a little bit more about these options, like the Black Hills gold rings, reach out to a jeweler near you.