Ditch The Diamonds: 5 Arguments For Colorful Wedding Jewelry

When many people choose their wedding day jewelry, they automatically think about diamonds. And while diamonds are an elegant and classic choice for the big day, you aren't obligated to stick with this traditional choice. In fact, you have many good reasons to opt for colorful jewelry instead. What are some of these? 

1. It Complements Your Wedding Theme.

Just about any wedding has a thematic set of colors. The colors you choose are a chance to express your personalities and interests. So, coordinating jewelry colors to this theme is a way to extend that feeling. Some brides and grooms use colorful jewelry to bring an extra level of coordination with a sash, cummerbund, socks, shoes, or hair ornaments. 

2. It Can Complement the Dress.

Diamonds are a beautiful addition to the bridal dress, but they may not bring anything new to the table. An ornate, embroidered, or statement dress is usually so striking on its own that a few sparkly, clear diamonds may not bring much to the table. A colorful gem such as amethyst, sapphire, or ruby will stand out and bring a new element rather than compete with the dress. 

3. It Can Be Your Something Blue.

Do you want to follow the old wedding tradition of "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue"? Jewelry is an easy choice for your "something blue." And if you design just the piece you want, it becomes an heirloom you'll love forever. 

4. It Spices Up a Simple Outfit.

Some brides opt for a simpler gown. Or the attendants' outfits might be somewhat simple. If you've chosen (or ended up with) a dress that isn't quite as interesting as you like, the right colorful jewelry design can hide a multitude of flaws. While the dress itself may remain simple, the eye is now drawn to a different, surprising focal point. 

5.  It's More Fun.

Depending on the tone you want for the wedding, colorful jewelry can be more appropriate than traditional bridal sets. Colorful stones, costume jewelry, or bright alternatives may better capture the feeling you want — particularly if you're going for a fun, casual, outdoor, or retro vibe. 

Which of these reasons appeals to you the most? No matter whether you want a particular wedding vibe, to complement a simple or ornate dress, or to follow your own wedding traditions, color in your jewelry can be the answer. Want to know more? Start by consulting with a designer jewelry store like Nagi Jewelers in your area today.