Personalized Memorial Jewelry

When someone loses a loved one, dear friend, or a beloved pet, they are often comforted by having a small token or remembrance to memorialize them. Memorial jewelry can be made of gold, sterling silver, and gemstones. These metal charms and stones can be worn as very elegant and meaningful jewelry. Here are some of the most popular memorial jewelry items:

  • Handwriting - An exact replica of a loved one's handwriting can be digitally photo etched onto a gold or sterling silver pendant or bracelet links. The handwriting can be familiar words used by the loved one or a handwritten note or letter. To make this pendant, a digital photograph of the handwritten words is reduced to fit on a chosen metal shape. The letters are etched into the gold or silver and then chemically treated with a darkening agent so that the writing is legible and easily read. 
  • Portraits, Fingerprints, Handprints, Footprints and Other Photographs - The same digital photo etching process that is used with handwriting can also be used with portraits, fingerprints, handprints, footprints and other photographs. These personalized etchings are exact replicas of the original, except they are reduced in size to fit on gold or silver rings, bracelets, and pendants. Several different photographs can be worn linked together to memorialize a loved one in different poses or with different facial expressions.
  • Locks of Hair - A lock of hair from a loved one can be captured within a locket with a viewing window. The locket can display a photograph of the loved one on the opposite side. The locket can be worn as a pendant or bracelet charm. 
  • Cremains -  A small amount of the cremains of a loved one can be mixed with molten gold or silver and then cast into a memorial tear or another personal shape. This special metal can also be used to make other pieces of jewelry that have meaning for family and friends. Cremains can also be sent to a specialized lapidary jeweler who makes them into synthetic diamonds and gemstones. These special stones can then be made into rings, pendants, bracelets or any other desired piece of jewelry. 
  • Memorial Urns - A small amount of cremains, locks of hair, and/or samples of burial flowers or burial soil can be enclosed within a gold or silver urn with or without a viewing window. These urns are permanently sealed and can be worn as pendants. 

All of these memorial pieces can be combined and or altered in countless ways to create highly personal memorial jewelry. With the process of digital photo-etching and metal casting, the jeweler can produce an exact replica of a photo of a departed person or even a pet. These personalized memorials are completely original and allow you to have a keepsake like no other. Contact a company like Jeffrey-Private Jeweler for more information.