Considerations When You Wish To Sell Estate Jewelry

Precious metal estate jewelry is a commodity that will always be highly valued. If you have estate jewelry that you wish to sell, you must do a bit of research to find out its value before you proceed to sell it. Here are a few things to do, if you wish to sell your estate jewelry:

Know What You Have - It is important to know what metals and gems are contained in the estate jewelry that you wish to sell. Check your jewelry for a quality mark that will be stamped into the metal near the clasp or on the reverse side. Gold jewelry will be marked with a karat mark and silver jewelry will be marked with the percentage of silver contained in the piece. Check online to research the quality marks in your particular piece of jewelry.

Weigh Your Jewelry - Weigh your jewelry to find out approximately how much precious metal it contains. If you do not have a gram scale, take your jewelry to a local jewelry store and ask them to weigh it. Most jewelry stores will be happy to help you with this task in the hopes that you will come back on another day and become one of their customers. 

Know the Value of Precious Metal on the Current Market - The value of precious metals changes every day on the commodities market. Check for the latest live spot price for gold, silver, platinum and palladium. With this information, you will know what your jewelry is worth in raw materials. 

Sell Your Jewelry - There are many individuals and companies that buy precious metal estate jewelry. Here are some of them:

  • Jewelers - A jeweler at a local jewelry store may be interested in buying your estate jewelry. Ask your local jeweler to appraise your jewelry and then ask them if they would like to purchase it. Check a few local jewelry stores to see who will give you the best price. 
  • Pawnshops - A pawnshop may purchase your estate jewelry. Be sure to go to a pawnshop that specializes in jewelry as they may have clients that they know will be interested in your piece, so they may be willing to purchase it.
  • Precious Metal Refiners - Check online for a precious metal refiner in your area as they may be interested in buying your jewelry. If they do not know of a buyer for your jewelry, they may offer to buy it to melt it down for the precious metal it contains. If they want to do that, remove the gemstones from your jewelry and save them to sell them to another buyer. 

Selling your estate jewelry takes a bit of research and effort, but it can be easily done. Once you know what you have and what it worth, you are well prepared to sell your estate jewelry. For more information on estate jewelry, contact the professionals at Rhonda's Jewelry.