Tips To Keep Your Rolex Out Of The Watch Repair Shop

Rolex is one of the most popular brands of watches in the world, but this premium brand can also come with a premium price tag. If you are a Rolex owner, you are obviously interested in doing whatever you can to keep your watch in great condition. If you want to avoid having to take your watch to a Rolex repair expert, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Keep It Ticking

Some people that own a Rolex only take it out for special occasions, but letting it sit in a box somewhere unattended can actually do more harm than good to its innards. Watches run best when they are in continuous use. If your Rolex goes too long without being used, the movements inside the watch, like the second hand, can stiffen up a bit. If you must store your Rolex for a day or two, consider getting a winding box that will keep things moving even when it's in storage.

Get It Serviced on a Regular Basis

While you just read that this article will help prevent you from having to take your watch in for repairs, it's probably a good idea to locate a local skilled watchmaker who can assist you with your timepiece. One of the best ways to keep your Rolex ticking is to make sure it gets regular maintenance. Watches naturally wear down over time because of friction. A regular maintenance check-up will give a watch professional an opportunity to remove specks of dust from the innards of the watch that might be throwing the timing mechanism off.

Waterproof Doesn't Mean You Should Be Careless

Some Rolex watches have "waterproof" as a feature. That said, this does not give you a license to never take the watch off. Some people who own waterproof watches won't think twice about wearing their watch into the shower or into the swimming pool. But even if the water does not damage the watch, the hot steam from the shower may harm the internal parts, and the chlorine from a swimming pool can do the same. In order to maintain the polished look that a new Rolex is known for, avoid getting your Rolex wet unless you are actually cleaning it. When cleaning, wash off any dust with lukewarm water and use a mild, ammonia free soap, gently brushing the outside of the watch.

A Rolex can make for a great timepiece, but if you own one of these watches, you'll need to take extra care to keep it looking great. Locate a local watch shop that can provide regular servicing and cleaning. Wear your Rolex daily to keep things ticking, or use a winding box if you are going to store it for a bit. Keep in mind that "waterproof" doesn't mean that you can just take your Rolex into any wet situation. Contact a local Rolex repair expert such as Hayes Jewelers today for more helpful tips.