The Innovative And Creative Path Of Jewelry Wholesalers

Jewelry wholesalers have very innovative and influential positions in the jewelry industry. They know what jewelry designs are currently popular and play an integral part in the design, creation and importation of jewelry that will be seen and worn in the coming season. The following is a simplified version of the path that jewelry wholesalers travel to turn gems and precious metal into new jewelry. 

  • First, jewelry wholesalers research trends in the fashion industry to see what designers in the four fashion capitals of the world (Paris, London, Milan, and New York) are designing and making for the coming season. They study the lines, colors, shapes and styles that will comprise the fashions on future runways. Armed with this knowledge, they design the jewelry and select the gems and metals that will compliment and accessorize these fashions. They design pendants, beads, necklaces, bracelets, rings, chains, earrings, watches and other jewelry components. This is the most creative part of the path.  
  • Next, jewelry wholesalers employ artisans to make the beads and components that they designed. The artisans purchase the raw materials that they need from gem and metal dealers worldwide. The jewelry wholesalers then collaborate with these artisans to incorporate the newly created beads and components into finished jewelry. The artisans create many different variations of the designs to produce a complete jewelry line. This is the most detailed and demanding part of the path.
  • Finally, jewelry wholesalers meet with buyers in retail jewelry stores to show them the new designs for the coming season. They show the buyers prototypes and drawings of the new jewelry line in all of the various color and metal combinations. The retail jewelry store buyers chose the pieces that they feel would be the best sellers for them in their stores. After discussions and negotiations, the jewelry wholesalers take orders from the retail stores for the new jewelry that will be produced and imported for the coming season. This is the most exciting and fulfilling part of the path. 

Jewelry wholesalers know what has gone before and have the foresight to envision what is to come next. They collaborate equally with fashion designers, artisans and retail jewelry stores to bring these visions to reality. The ultimate goal of jewelry wholesalers is to design, create and import beautiful works of jewelry art made from gemstones and precious metals that millions of people will see and want. It is a long and complicated path that jewelry wholesalers travel, but in the end will result in innovative, beautiful jewelry.