Gifts For Your Partner That Loves Astronomy And Outer Space

When you are shopping for the perfect gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you want to try to select something that is meaningful and specifically customized to their interests and personality. And if your loved one has a love for astronomy, outer space, and astrophysics, then you want to select a gift that keeps these passions in mind. So get to know some of the ways in which you can incorporate this love of outer space into the gifts you get your partner. They will be thrilled at your thoughtfulness. 

Moldavite Items

Many people who are not interested in gemstones or in astronomy and outer space have never heard of moldavite. This gorgeous and unique gemstone is green in color, usually a shade similar to olive green. 

Moldavite is a mysterious gem to many experts and novices alike. It does not share common properties with any glass that human beings have created nor that is known to occur naturally. The theory is that moldavite is a form of tektite that results from the impact of a meteorite with the Earth. 

A ring, necklace, or bracelet made with moldavite would be the perfect gift for an outer space fanatic. Moldavite items, made from authentic moldavite, will allow your partner to carry a piece of outer space with them whenever they wear it. 

Other Meteorite Items

Moldavite is not the only stone that comes from a meteorite. You can actually purchase jewelry pieces made from the actual body of a meteorite, as well as from dinosaur bone.

Of course, if you choose to get a ring, necklace or other item made from a real meteorite, you will find yourself spending a great deal of money. So you may want to save that option for a special occasion like an anniversary or engagement. 

Other types of tektite (stones or glass that form when a meteorite hits Earth) also make beautiful jewelry options. These stones are often black or different shades of green than moldavite, and can make for unique pieces for your partner. 

A Real Meteorite

When your partner isn't particularly interested in jewelry, you could opt to get them an actual meteorite of their very own. NASA sells meteorites that are guaranteed to be real for a range of prices, from reasonable to tens of thousands of dollars depending on age, quality and size. You can also get meteorites from other sources, though you will want to take steps to ensure their authenticity before you shell out the money.

Now that you have a few ideas of the perfect gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend that loves astronomy and outer space, you can get to shopping. You can be sure that you get them a gift they will love and cherish for years to come.